Welcome to our school, where we believe that learning should be an exciting and fulfilling journey for every student.

At Port Macquarie Adventist School (PMAS), we understand that the transition from home to school can be challenging for young children. That’s why we offer a Pre-Kindy program specifically designed to help children 4 years and older prepare for their formal educational journey. This program is perfect for children who have previously attended preschool, daycare, or have been cared for at home.

Our Pre-Kindy program is centred around experiential and play-based learning, making the transition to school fun, engaging and smooth. Students are guided through a variety of stimulating indoor and outdoor activities that focus on an introduction to phonological awareness, simple numeracy skills and interest-based projects. They will have the opportunity to explore, create, and collaborate with their peers, while also discussing interesting topics and solving challenges. As a Christian school, our Pre-Kindy program also instils Christian morals and values, which will shape character throughout school and beyond.

We believe that parents play a vital role in the education and development of their children. That’s why we work closely with families to ensure that each child’s mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual growth is fostered in harmony with the values and beliefs of the family. Together, we can give your child the best possible start to their educational journey.


Changing or adding days is dependent on availability. Fees are payable for non-attendance on chosen days. To reduce days, a minimum of two week’s notice is required to be given to the school office. Fees may be charged in the absence of such notice.

An annual Building & Maintenance Fee of $150 is payable per family at the beginning of each school year.

Notice of withdrawal of a student from PMAS must be by completion of a  Deregistration Notification Form. This form is available from the school office. Two week’s notice of withdrawal must be given before exit or an additional fortnight’s fees may be charged.

A non-refundable enrolment deposit of $200 is payable upon submission and approval of each student application.

Fees are charged either at the beginning of Term 1 or on enrolment during the year. A statement/invoice is issued for your records and payment, as per your
payment plan, selected by you at enrolment. Fees are payable in full on or before the second Friday of each term unless other arrangements are made.
All Family Fee Accounts are required to be paid in full by the end of November each year.

Primary Education

At Port Macquarie Adventist School, our primary program provides a personalised education that meets the needs of each student. At PMAS, we incorporate practical, hands-on activities into our programs both in the classroom and outside, utilising the beautiful bushland campus that we have.


At Port Macquarie Adventist School, families become part of our community as we partner in seeking a positive well-balanced Christian education for your child.

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We strive to provide an excellent education that equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to succeed in the ever-changing world. We invite you to learn more about our school and the opportunities that await you here.