Koko Club



oko is an Australian Cobberdog with a soft and golden coat who enjoys being around people, especially kids! She came to Port Macquarie Adventist School at the beginning of 2022 and loves to support, play and interact with the whole school community. She is a valuable contributor of joy, loyalty and companionship at the school.

Evidence shows that just by being near a dog when stressed can reduce anxiety. In one of our surveys, 92% of students said they felt more relaxed during teaching and learning time when there was a dog in the classroom. We all know when children are more relaxed and less stressed, they’re going to learn more.

Having a school dog can also help with:

School Attendance - Students experience a greater willingness to be active in the school environment when there is a school dog.

Communication - A dog in school gives students have a shared interest with other members of the school community. This helps them interact and build connections that they may have struggled to do otherwise.

Leadership - A school dog can give students a sense of responsibility. At Koko Club our students learn how to take care of and train Koko and how to delegate care which can help grow their leadership skills.

Behaviour - Students can see the impact of their actions on their wellbeing dog. This helps them understand how their behaviour impacts people around them. As a result, children learn to be more empathetic and understanding.

Student Wellbeing

Our whole school wellbeing program teaches and supports positive mental health in the classroom, staffroom and wider community.